Technical instructions for Oral presentations:

(1) Time allotment for papers
Oral presentations are allotted 15 minutes, including the presentation itself and the appropriate question time. In the instructions to session chairs, it is emphasized to keep things on schedule, but the only way to ensure punctuality is through a cooperative effort.
(2) Presentation tips
The conference room is equipped with a computer, with USB ports working with its operative system, and a projection system. Microsoft Power Point is available in the computer. Presenters are requested to copy the materials for their presentations (by means of USB portable storage devices and etc.) to the computer in the conference room before their session.

Technical instructions for Poster presentations:

(1) Technical details
Each poster presentation will be allotted a vertical space of 93 cm WIDE x 190 cm HIGH, which is the MAXIMUM area you have. It is highly recommended that you allot space for a title, with large font size, running across the top of your poster; this will make it much easier for people strolling through the poster to immediately grasp your subject. The conference organization will provide the necessary material for attaching the posters to the presentation boards. The presentation boards will be labelled with the numbers, which will correspond to your paper IDs.
(2) Set-up timetable
Set-up begins Friday 20 May at 12:00. All posters should be in place by 13:15 on Saturday 21 May and be there until 18:30 on Sunday 22 May, and must be removed by 20:30 on Sunday 22 May. The posters which are not collected by that time will be destroyed. The posters should be exhibited for the whole conference. Authors are kindly requested to be at or nearby their respective posters locations during the poster sessions that will take place on Saturday 21 May (13:15 to 14:00) and Sunday 22 May (13:15 to 14:15, and 17:30 to 18:30).